Brooches are ornaments dating back to ancient times, Greeks and Romans already used to adorn their clothes with artefacts of exceptional beauty, elegance and perfection.

Today, brooches have a rare and ancient perfume. They emit a silent music that few can catch.

In “The Sound of Silence” we celebrate silent melodies traveling through the centuries. We reveal amazing forms, and outstanding creativity in the work of 60 extremely gifted jewelry designers.


Visit the gallery and vote for your favorite designer by entering her/his name in the comment box at the end of the article. The winning designer will have a personal virtual exhibition of Beautiful People Live Art!!!


Voting will close on August 15 , 2013.

ATTENTION please! Any feedback is appreciated, but to vote for your favorite designer you need to EXPLICITY WRITE HIS/HER NAME in your comment!  Thank you!

Exhibition curated by Thereza Pedrosa.

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