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The occasion to feel the connection between mind and body, ourselves and nature, our mind and spirit may come anytime, in any experience, anywhere. To be able to catch that moment, get inspired and make it real isn’t easy. Edna Isabel Acosta has this power, to encase in every jewel the essence of a physical or conceptual experience. And each and everyone of her creations is made unique, passionate and absolutely personal.

Artistic Statement and concerns

The themes I explore in my jewellery design are my surroundings: nature, natural and artificial elements, as well as spiritual beliefs.

With each piece I create I want to have the possibility to transcend, not only for them to be pieces that adorn the body, but that also communicate and establish some dialogue. Pieces that will connect its wearer with nature, with the divine and/or with imagination. This being the reason I believe my pieces are like bridges that connect the body with our senses and spirituality.

When speaking about the craft, I believe that silversmithing is the perfect alchemy between art, design and craftsmanship. Working with contemporary jewellery I have the opportunity to experiment with new materials, develop each piece from a conceptual viewpoint and incorporate the basic principles of design.

The process and  the evolution of Edna’s work

I always considered my work to be an extension of myself. My background in graphic design and museography has been fundamental in the developing of my jewellery. I’m interested in developing two kinds of jewellery: one focusing in design with an strong vision on form and function; and the other more conceptual and artistic, artist jewellery, which are one-of-a-kind pieces where experimentation and exploration of materials are key to the end result.

Archipiélago Collection is inspired by organic and mineral forms from the Caribbean landscape by which I’ve been surrounded.  I integrate the element of color to the metal by the application of a fine polyester mesh of my own creation. This mesh is the result of months of experiments with polyester fibers. Manipulating this mesh I make it resemble natural and organic. In 2010, Archipiélago received Best Award in the Iberoamerican Design Bienal of Madrid (BID10).

“Centros Energéticos” is my most recent artist jewellery collection. A collection full of energy and vitality in which mixed media is the starting point to demonstrate the 7 main energy centers in the human body known as “chakras”. It is my artistic vision of how energy travels from the physical body to the abstract/ethereal body. Studying and practicing Reiki have inspired me to develop this subject and incorporate it into my jewellery design.

Each one of the pieces represent a “Chakra” with its distinctive color and semi precious stone that represents the center from where energy flows. The polyester mesh, a distinctive material in my artist jewellery, projects that movement of energy from the physical to the ethereal body.

Nowadays I am working in a collection called “Naturalismo”, inspired in vegetation, fruits and spices. It will be a “ready-to-wear” casual collection; more relaxed and fully handmade in my studio.

About Edna Isabel Acosta

With a multidisciplinary character, Edna Isabel Acosta has developed her design career in Puerto Rico. Besides, jewelry, her expertise includes: “branding”, publications, museography and typography.  She has received numerous awards for her work in graphic design and museography. She has also developed design essays, has been a speaker and a teacher in various design courses. She was a co-founder and President (1992) of the Sociedad Multidisciplinaria de Diseño (De) Inc. and was a co-founder and the Education Director (1996-2000) of La Asociación de Diseñadores Gráficos de Puerto Rico. Most recently, she was nominated for the USA Fellowship Award for her extraordinary talent and commitment to design. Currently her design & jewellery studio is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she conceptualizes and produces all her pieces and projects.


2006-2007  -Le Arti Orafe, scuola orafa. Florence, Italy.  Silversmith and jewellery design.

1988-1990  -Parsons The New School of Design, NYC, NY.  Communication Design, BFA.

1987-1988  -Escuela de Diseño de Altos de Chavón, La Romana, Dominican Rep. Graphic Design, AAS.  Magna Cum Laude.

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“The Essence of Experience” virtual exhibition is curated by Thereza Pedrosa.

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