Are you an artist, a designer, a jeweller, a photographer, or an architect?

Would you like to have your profile page or an interview on Beautiful People Live Art?

It’s so easy and it’s completely for free!


Send us an email to


Email submissions should contain the following:


1) In the subject write “Open Call”


2) In the email text include the essential info:

–  name and surname

– short biography about you (in ENGLISH)

– short text about your work (in ENGLISH and in FIRST PERSON)

– your contacts (web site, email address, social networks)

– captions of images


3) In the attachments (not more than 6 files), show us your creations (photos if you are an artist, a photographer or a designer, projects if you are an architect).


4) Send the message!


Note that there is a selection, we receive many requests, and we are few. Beautiful People Live Art works only thanks to altruism and good will of those who collaborate with us, so please be patient, we will consider all proposals!