Adventurous journey of forms and shapes – Elsa Sarantidou


Professionalism and craftsmanship are combined with elegance, as soft as the flight of a butterfly, and creations of sublime charm are born.
These are the jewels of Elsa Sarantidou, a sweet mix of strength and fragility that touch the heart.


Elsa Sarantidou was born in Athens where she finished school. She then left to England where she studies jewellery, ceramics, sculpture and stained glass at KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA COLLEGE.
She went on to study design, jewellery design and silversmithing at London Guildhall University under the guidance of very famous professors (such as Bob Risch, Joel Degen, Bryan Marshall). She also attended design lessons at Hetherley’s School of Arts in Kensington.
A valuable role in her course of action in the area of jewellery played her apprenticeship next to Joel Degen, a designer who significantly influenced Elsa’s technique and the style she later on developed.
Elsa has collaborated with well known galleries in London such as Electrum Gallery, Aurum Gallery (England), Alternative Gallery (Italy), Eleni Marneri Gallery, New Benaki Museum and New Acropolis Museum (Greece). She also was presented with the following awards :
The Wordshipful Company of Goldsmiths Award and the British Jeweller’s Association Award. Among her exhibitions: Sieraad (Amsterdam 2009), Schmuck (Munich 2010), Origin Crafts Council (London 2011).



For more info about Elsa Sarantidou, visit her web site or her facebook page.


Virtual exhibition curated by Thereza Pedrosa.


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