Jim Pittman and Tina Lazzarine

Jim Pittman and Tina Lazzarine

“I am a landscape painter. I was born and raised in a small town in the tidewater region of Virginia. The area is rich in history and much of my free time was spent in the fields and streams, and roaming the forest. The fields of peanuts and beans, bound by long legged pine trees, are ingrained in my soul. I painted realistic watercolors of the area for many years then began to simplify my compositions.
A rafting trip through the Grand Canyon introduced me to the western landscape with its big sky, rich colors and many textures. My paintings became more simple in composition but more complex in color and texture. They are not site-specific, but relate to my impressions of the canyons and prairies of the west. Edges, texture and surface are important elements of my work.” Jim Pittman

“The idea of “becoming” has been an ongoing theme in my work wherein I use natural forms to articulate the cyclic process of change that occurs in both personal and social development. Having been raised in a deeply religious household, the theory of evolution was not spoken of, yet the trials of life led me to an understanding of nature as divine vernacular. Fallen leaves and seedpod forms inspire and inform my work with a visual language that alludes to death and regeneration. Experimentation with enameled copper wire mesh and methods of scoring and folding led me to fabricate pod-like forms representing the reproductive and nurturing qualities found in both nature and the relationship of a mother to her child.” Tina Lazzarine


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