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[col3] Biography

Mirjam Hiller graduated from the Fachhochschule in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1999 with robust jewellery from enamelled copper. She then explored how three-dimensional objects could be made by sawing out sheet metal. This focused and intense study has meanwhile led to series of work of a constructive or organic nature. Mirjam Hiller has been honored with numerous awards and prizes. Moreover, her pieces are exhibited in several museums and are highly sought after at art fairs.[/col3]

[col3] Work

The quest for “intensity and enchantment” is one of Mirjam Hiller’s central themes. Some of her brooches look as if they were species of plants or organisms that have not been discovered yet. To craft her jewelry, she first saws a piece of sheet steel or copper by hand and then bends or folds it into the desired shape. For Hiller, limiting herself to only one single material is a challenge that at the same time inspires her. Her goal is to create pieces of jewelry which, when worn, exude a charming vividness.[/col3]

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info@mirjamhiller.com [/col3]

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