“There are things we can think of, things we can name. Like ‘bread’, ‘pane’, ‘kenyer’, ‘chlieb’ and so on. But there are also lots of things we have no words for. Search, discover, transform…. surprise, all parts of the process I apply to the pieces. The materials get a ‘return ticket’ from me, and with their ‘newly dressed souls’ I send them back to the world, where they came from. I make objects, that are intimate and meaningful to their owners who carries them: JEWELLERY, which not only adorns, but ‘talks’ or sometimes ‘whispers’. I work in a language that is understood without words and the verbal explanation becomes secondary really, so…”


“My work concentrates on materials and experimenting with their qualities. I am driven by my fascination with the unexpected results. I prefer organic materials, as they all change with time, just like I change when I begin to work with them. I am interested in a sculptural approach to these materials, and also in finding unconventional solutions for connections. Each piece – even the similar ones – look different and are unique because every detail is handmade. When these pieces are given a function, they also receive a new identity. From that point on, when they change ‘location’, or rather, change ‘canvas’, they begin to live their own story”.


Whispers – Flora Vagi



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Founder and Director of Beautiful People Live Art || Thereza Pedrosa was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) in 1985, and grew up in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) and in Lausanne (Switzerland). In love with Europe, she operates borderless from her new location near Leipzig (Germany). Graduated in Conservation of Cultural Goods at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, and a jewelry designer herself, she promotes contemporary artists and designers worldwide. Her engagement is manyfold: selecting the most promising trends, promoting contamination between the arts, by editing online and offline publications.

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