When you meet him you think he’s charming and charismatic. When you get to know him, you understand he is a serious and methodical man. He’s an artist moving across any form of art as simply as if walking around the rooms of his own house.

His name, Bruno Pedrosa, hints at a characteristically fiery character rivaling that of Giordano Bruno.

His love for art comes from a great many years ago, from a small town in the north-east of Brasil, Crato. There an eclectic French artist opened to Bruno the doors of a new universe, a universe for life. Fifty years have passes and Bruno grew up, studied, worked, and traveled placing all of his memories in his art.

One is born an artist, no doubt about it. When you discover this gift you should try to develop your full potential by studying, investigating, elaborating in the world of art and, above it all, working constantly. Creativity is a gift, but you need more sweat than inspiration to leave a long-lasting trace. An artist needs to know the world he lives in, the society, the good and bad that are deciding the destiny of all of us, with this knowledge and his creativity, he can create works that reflect the period he lived in: no man is an island. It is however true that, as my grandfather used to say, it’s nice to go out every day to explore India, and discover America!

Bruno Pedrosa

Bruno Pedrosa

As such we discover the unavoidable synapsis between the artist’s mind and his works. His life and his perception of it influence every sign, and every trace, every brush stroke, every colour, and every shape. Infact, Bruno Pedrosa’s production alternates large oil paintings, wonderful and elegant pastel drawings, potent grindstoned glass sculptures, small jewels… just like happy, troubled, serene, melancholic periods alternate in his life. And every facet of human emotions can be found in any of his works.

My art and my thought are as one, indivisible. In my work, and through it, I uniquely search my delight, my daily satisfaction. It’s undoubtedly egoistic, but surely authentic: I create exclusively to amuse myself. If through this self-amusement I can also pass on to others my emotions, I am happy; but if I can not, as they say here in the Venice region… pazienza! (he laughs…)

We all have a dream. What’s the dream of Bruno Pedrosa?

Simply, being Bruno Pedrosa! (he laughs…)


Bruno Pedrosa lives and works in the charming town of Bassano del Grappa since the 1990s, but he continues to incessantly travel to vernissages of his exhibitions in Europe, United States of America and Brasil. He’s presently displaying his works in the itinerant exhibition “Omens”, curated by art critic Maurizio Vanni, with first stage in Fortaleza (the capital city of the artist’s native region) in October 2011, second stage at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art in February 2012, third stage at the Museo do Ingá in Rio de Janeiro in March 2012, closing with the fourth stage at the Fondazione Zappettini in Milan in November 2012.

For more info about Bruno visit his profile page.


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